NFTs Explained

Compete Ownership

NFTs are traded via Peer 2 Peer transactions and stored completely by their owner

Inherently Secure

Insusceptible to counterfeits, disputes or inflation. Just total peace of mind and self governance

Highly Accessible

No minimum amounts, no waiting for approval, and no middle men or centralized organisations

What are NFTs

What are NFTs

A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is a type of cryptocurrency token that represents an asset. This could be a real world asset such as a bar of gold, a vintage wine or more commonly a digital asset. Examples of digital assets included, in game items, domain names and plots of land within a virtual world. Check out some of our favourite NFT projects here

What makes them different

Non Fungible Tokens are built using the Ethereum blockchain and other smart contract protocols. By utilising this technology NFTs are inherently protected from counterfeits, ownership disputes and false claims of scarcity.  Making them superior in many ways to the underlying assets that they represent

What are NFTs
What are NFTs

The Future

NFTs and digital assets have a bright future ahead of them. While many of the assets that have been built so far are are geared towards gaming and virtual items, many compaines have already announced plans to use NFT technology to govern a wide range of things, such as COA’s, software licences and even physical real estate  

How to get Involved

Anyone can get involved with NFTs, weather you are looking to invest for the long term, make a profit trading them or just want to own one because you love the project. The very nature of NFTs means they are accessible to everybody. If you are looking to take the next step, we highly recommend OpenSea, the worlds largest P2P marketplace for digital assets

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