🐧 Pororo and his friends are joining the #metaverse!

Premium LANDs bundled with #NFTs of many characters from the Pororo universe for you to create your own content and experiences! Next Thursday!

👉 http://thesandbox.kr/pororo/en/

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First pass on my cryptovoxel sandbox done. Test run with nearest and dearest tomorrow. If anyone can tell me how the WOMP teleporter works... 🙏 @cryptovoxels #cryptovoxels #cryptoartist #NFTartist

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The Detective WooferBlast Show Episode 3

Watch the full episode on the youtubes!
Do it now!

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There's entire countries that are yet to begin NFT creating/investing/collecting.

A big part of me wants to flip what I already have,

But the other part of me is like dude...10-20k supply on iconic projects is NOTHING in 2-5 years.

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Look at these beautiful NFT. The top 6 #NFT by Sales in 7 days according to @nonfungibles website .

https://nonfungible.com/market/history .

Other NFT projects are here as well. you can visit this page if you want to #DYOR the NFTverse .

#NFTcommunity #NFTcollectors.

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(reupload) Want to learn about the future of DAO-based asset management?

One that is fairer, more transparent, governed AND owned by its users? (It also has a Metaverse Index product!)

@DarkForestCap takes me on a dive of @indexcoop

🔥 https://anchor.fm/andrew-steinwold/episodes/Dark-Forest---The-Future-Of-Asset-Management-Index-Co-Op---Zima-Red-ep-79-e17bjgs

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