Was just airdropped the @kevinonearth999 Band Hat! Catch #TheDCLReport later today and #NFTuesdays every week in @decentraland! https://tinyurl.com/4332sesr

Music: KevinOnEarth, Trumpet / Horns by Arnetta Johnson and Kev Hornz

#DigitalFashion #NFTs #Metaverse #Metakey

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We've got another exciting giveaway 🔥

Will you be one of ten lucky winners to receive an exclusive CoinGecko x @TheSandboxGame NFT?

Try your luck here: http://gcko.io/thesandbox

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🔥🔥🔥Last chance to see my Community @cryptovoxels gallery! If you added art to my gallery thank you for participating! I’m building a new gallery starting in an hour…

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I never got into cryptokitties.

I was too busy refreshing blockfolio 100 times a day.

But when I see someone repping them as profile pics I think it’s cool af.

True OGs.

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#Crypto Update w/ @iman_blockrun:
✅ @ShidenNetwork Crowdloan Flex
✅ MultiChain Dapps Explained
✅ Shiden Vs @Plasm_Network
✅ Fierce Race for the 2nd #Parachain
📺 https://youtu.be/saM3x_4olyA

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Want to hear from a real NFT OG who tells it to you straight? Check out my conversation with @NateAlexNFT

Nate has done it all - collector, investor, creator, builder and founder, he is filled with great insights and alpha leaks 😛

Listen here - https://anchor.fm/andrew-steinwold/episodes/Nate-Alex---OG-NFT-Collector-Turned-Creator-And-Creator---Zima-Red-ep-57-e12v2kk

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