Do you have an idea for the #metaverse? Don’t forget to join the #Hackathon’s ‘metaverse build’ track hosted by @decentraland 🛠🙌

🚨3 weeks left 🚨
🏆1 winning team
💰1 parcel or LAND (~$7k)
🚀 Meeting with @decentraland team

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📺 Join @AndyRichy12 - EVERY DAY at 8pm UTC - over at!

🎮 Learn how to use the #GameMaker - with LIVE support, #NFT giveaways and more!
🤔 Got a question? Now is your chance to ask!

#Metaverse #UGC #TheSandbox #indiedev #gamedev #gamedesign

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Ever been to a concert in the Metaverse?
We're sponsoring a FREE concert of @flootinggrooves in the @VPerforming #skyHall on Sunday at 16:00 CET / 10:00 am EDT in @SomniumSpace. A one-of-a-kind concert + after-party 🥳.
Get a @poapxyz for your attendance and maybe more later 😉

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“Where do I start with NFTs” is less about looking to invest and more about looking to experience.

Takes a solid couple weeks to a month to absorb and navigate this madness.

Experiment, take your time and eventually investing/collecting/creating will come naturally.

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We are happy to announce the start of our new project! Fluxart — the first charity project with live NFTs that change over time. More information in the article:

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Building Nifty Island: The Virtual World For All - Zima Red ep 65

Everyone knows i'm obsessed with blockchain-based virtual worlds, thats why I am pumped to release my awesome conversation with @charl3svii who is building @Nifty_Island

Listen here -

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