Relive all the highlights from the past 12 months in Decentraland 2020: The Year in Review.

From the official launch to Art Week, Game Jams and performances from @3LAU and @RAC.

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I said it would be a big week.. 😀

Happy to announce @TheSandboxGame is officially partnering with NFT Boxes📦, Every month a unique @TheSandboxGame Item will be included in your Box!

For the Genesis box theme of 'Innovators' They've sent me, Da Vinci himself!👀
#NFTs #NFTBoxes

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Post #SLO secondary sales continue in @SomniumSpace with 2 island XLs, a small World & an amazing #avatar sold, created by a long term #VR community member, @Natural_Warp with the help of @gamecredits! Congratulations🥳 Of course, sold via @opensea 🙌🥽

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Got 500 EMONT? Early access to start farming MARKS! Up to 10x more slimes during the initial release! Jan 20 2021 Only on DCL @Ethermon_NFT @decentraland
Farm EMONT free on the 1st Ethereum battle game token with over 130,000 TX

Decentraland Events@DCL_Events

Ethermon Battle Beta Test! (Wednesday, January 20, 2021 10:00 PM UTC)

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[Weekly News Headlines]
@RickandMorty co-creators selling #cryptoart
@BGameAlliance to host #NFT open forum
Transmit your memory through #blockchain with @Ternoa_
K-Pop Stars to Mint Digital Collectibles on @Polkadot!
This and more sign up 👉

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My conversation with the one and only @MetaKovan. The world's largest collector of NFTs (by value) and an incredible force for good in the NFT space

He even spent $2.2m on twenty Beeple 1/1s and is now creating a public art installation called B20


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