4 days until the #MetaverseFestival where the #POAPs and #airdrops come to you! You'll automatically receive POAPs after 5 mins of an artist's set. For airdrops, simply look to the sky on the final day to claim your reward!

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Tune in to The Sandbox's official Live Stream - every Monday at 6pm UTC!

🐼 Watch @Pandapops showcase best practices on @VoxEdit, the 3D NFT art creator for The Sandbox #Metaverse! ✨

Enjoy #NFT giveaways, news, Q&A and more! 🎉

▶ Don't miss it - http://bit.ly/TSBtwitch

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.@ASychov: "If you are fortunate enough to raise millions of dollars with your #NFT project..give back with real products..so that people can actually enjoy them for the next 10, 20, 50 years"

@DefiantNews @CryptoDads_NFT @TopDogBeachClub @SomniumSpace


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AI is going to get real crazy in the next 1-2 decades.

- Social profiles that communicate like humans.

- Will dominate PVP games.

- Can’t even imagine scammers + AI.

Then we’ll all move back to the real world coz the digital world is too messed up 😅

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All of us know @degendata, but..

- Can diving into onchain data impact your NFT investments?
- What are crypto options and why do they matter?
- How are the worlds of crypto trading and NFT investing colliding?

Check out the 🔥🔥🔥 with @doyle126


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